Rebooting the writing

I’ve been too lax lately. Yes, moving house has been part of that, and not the only obstacle to writing (my Dad retired, for a start, but I’m not here to make excuses). I’ve let things slide and it’s time to get writing again. Last week’s plan to write while I was off work fell through spectacularly, partly through insufficient planning on the story I was going to write and partly because of life getting in the way. But I think I should be focusing on finishing the novel in any case.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Imagining scenes far ahead of where I am at in the writing of it, which is dangerous – that way madness leads, if past experience is any indication. I need to focus on the bit in front of me – what is it, what it needs and where it’s going.

That calendar I was using in the first quarter of the year has fallen behind somewhat. I didn’t mark it when I wasn’t writing, missed off a day or two I did, and left it in the old house (along with winter clothing, some boots that don’t fit me, a couple of books I gave up on and various bits and bobs – it’s not like we needed to empty it for someone to move in, it’s my partner’s mum’s house that she doesn’t even live in most of the time, so there’s time to get those later). Point is, I’ve not been so great at using the calendar for accountability, so I’ll use the blog instead.

Yesterday excluded, for the month of May I plan to blog daily about my progress and plans.

I’ll start by writing about what I plan for the evening, and then, without actually hitting “publish”, I’ll go and write for however long I can manage, before returning to the blog post to record progress. This format worked in a particular thread on Mythic Scribes over the winter, so I’m replicating it here, the difference being all my posts are in one place so I can see almost at a glance, without clicking and scrolling through a dozen or more pages of others’ similar reports, what my progress for the whole month has been, and use that data to analyse which factors are helpful and which are not.

So for today:

Beginning this at 20:53, Friday 2 May.

Music: I giorni by Ludovico Einaudi.

Thoughts and plans:

The scene I have ahead of me is a bit difficult. Things have just changed drastically for Fiarra, for the worst in some ways and for the better in others. But it is a scene that I don’t really know what to do with. At the moment it’s looking like it could be a bit dull, and I’m not entirely sure how to spice it up. I’ve got Fiarra taking in information about her new circumstances, and Laik explaining them. I guess I need to hint that Laik isn’t quite what Fiarra thought earlier, without damaging the ember of hatred Fiarra has for Laik. At the same time, Fiarra isn’t going to take things lying down, even if she is going to let Laik think she will, so she’ll be scheming, observing, waiting. So I think for the immediate next thousand words or so, I need to focus on presenting the information about Fiarra’s new circumstances, Fiarra looking for advantage, some small act of rebellion, and Fiarra realising she needs some patience.


I managed to fit in all of the objectives outlined above, but there’s still some work to do yet. Total wordcount was just shy of 1000 words, so not bad at all. And it’s 22:00 now so I managed just a little under an hour, having begin actually writing at about 21:05. So I’m happy with that. Now I just need to keep this up another 29 times.

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