Daily Archives: 2 May, 2014

Rebooting the writing

I’ve been too lax lately. Yes, moving house has been part of that, and not the only obstacle to writing (my Dad retired, for a start, but I’m not here to make excuses). I’ve let things slide and it’s time to get writing again. Last week’s plan to write while I was off work fell through spectacularly, partly through insufficient planning on the story I was going to write and partly because of life getting in the way. But I think I should be focusing on finishing the novel in any case.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Imagining scenes far ahead of where I am at in the writing of it, which is dangerous – that way madness leads, if past experience is any indication. I need to focus on the bit in front of me – what is it, what it needs and where it’s going.

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