Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Dry Month

Regular readers may have noticed I’ve not updated this blog in a while and missed the end of March progress report. After a busy few weeks with work and moving house, things are finally starting to settle back down again and I’m back to writing.

In the end March proved fairly successful in its first three weeks, with more days written on than all of February, but from the 21st onwards, until yesterday in fact, I haven’t written a word. This is due to needing to travel for work, including five nights in a hotel, and the long process of moving into a new flat, with all the paperwork, legwork and busywork that involves (today I put up curtains!) With everything going on writing took a hit – even in the days I’ve had access to my PC and the time to write after hours of overtime, I’ve not had the energy.

But now the work deadline has passed and the move is just a matter of waiting for the last bits of furniture and packing my bags and moving my stuff over, I can get back to writing. And with some time off coming up over Easter, I’ve got plans.

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