Daily Archives: 19 March, 2014

Seven Days

As of 9:21pm last night, I have managed to write for one hour a night for seven consecutive days. This might not seem like a big deal, but actually, it kind of is. I hadn’t actually done that so far this year until now. I had streaks of four days a few times, but no more than that, and more than one gap where I’d written not a word for longer than seven days. It also marks half of my March goal – two write an hour a day, for seven consecutive days, twice.

I was tired last night. On Monday I had a five hour round trip up the M6 for work, and by yesterday I hadn’t recovered. I could have gone to bed at 8:20 and slept right up to my 6am alarm today. But I didn’t. I realised on Monday that if I didn’t write on both Monday and Tuesday, to complete the first seven day run, there weren’t enough days left in March to achieve the goal.

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