Daily Archives: 22 January, 2014

I’m starting a new writing schedule

At the start of this year I determined that I would write a complete manuscript of a novel this year. Specifically, the novel I was working on in November, though starting again from scratch. And so far this year I have done very little work on it. I’ve made a couple of pages of notes, written a short story to give one of the key characters a more solid personality and motivations in my head, and I’ve managed about six paragraphs of the novel itself; less than a page.

Well, it’s about time I stopped being lazy. Because that’s the reason I’ve not been writing much. Well, laziness and tiredness, but mostly laziness. Or at least, prioritising other things like crochet and watching Avatar: the Last Airbender (at the same time). Well, tonight that ends. I have a new writing schedule.

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