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“That book should never have been published.”

Do I have the right to say “that book should never have been published”?

According to a participant in a discussion on self-publishing I’ve been involved in, I do not. After all, if I didn’t like the book, others might have.

But I don’t mean the divisive books of the world – the books I didn’t like, but others did, the Twilights and Eragons of the literary landscape. Nor do I mean the self-published books that were submitted to traditional publishers and rejected because they were “not right for us at this time” or “not marketable in the current market”, which authors decided they would go it alone with.

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I’m starting a new writing schedule

At the start of this year I determined that I would write a complete manuscript of a novel this year. Specifically, the novel I was working on in November, though starting again from scratch. And so far this year I have done very little work on it. I’ve made a couple of pages of notes, written a short story to give one of the key characters a more solid personality and motivations in my head, and I’ve managed about six paragraphs of the novel itself; less than a page.

Well, it’s about time I stopped being lazy. Because that’s the reason I’ve not been writing much. Well, laziness and tiredness, but mostly laziness. Or at least, prioritising other things like crochet and watching Avatar: the Last Airbender (at the same time). Well, tonight that ends. I have a new writing schedule.

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Character Study: Zuko

I’ve started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender again. It’s one of my favourite TV series of all time. I think this is watch through number six. I have long thought that Zuko’s arc through the three seasons of the show is one of the best arcs ever written, and one of the (many) things that makes the series so great.

If you’ve not seen the series, I heartily recommend it. This article is of course going to contain huge spoilers, so if you don’t want the series spoiled, stop reading now.


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On Sherlock, writing, and cheap tricks

Having just watched the third and final episode of Sherlock season three on BBC 1, I have some rather strong feelings on a certain event in the episode as regards to writing. If you have not seen the episode yet and want to, look away now, because this post will contain spoilers.

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A flight of fancy…

Today I stumbled on a thread on Reddit’s /r/writingprompts, a contest with a prompt, and one of the prompts inspired me. The prompt, in the thread here, was:

An interesting take on what the Tooth Fairy does with all those baby teeth.

This had a word limit of just 200 words and I thought, well, why not, I was on my lunch break, I’d have a go at it. So this is what I wrote:

She could handle vampires. Every fairy knew a priest from whom she could source holy water and garlic wasn’t hard to come by. Werewolves were trickier, and the Fairy Council would have to work some magic on NASA again soon or the moon dust would run out, but silver was a reasonable substitute and werewolves couldn’t fly so it was easy to avoid them.

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Announcement: Article up on Mythic Scribes

In my latest article for Mythic Scribes, I’ve written a piece called A New Page for a New Year, about writing goals and news years resolutions. This is a perfect time of the year to consider goals and their achievability, to set new goals and work out how you’re going to go about getting them done.

My goal for 2014 is to write the first draft (well, attempt 2) of the novel I was working on in November. This is the story I have inside of me, and I mostly know what I’m doing with it, and I’m going to write it this year. I’m going to try to work on it every day, but “working on it” doesn’t necessarily mean adding words to the manuscript – it might mean working through a tricky bit in note form, writing short stories around various characters to help me work out their personalities, voices and motivations, drawing maps, worldbuilding or anything else involved. As long as the manuscript itself is complete by the end of the year, I will have been successful.