Getting back on the writing horse

Since I gave up on NaNoWriMo half way through November, I’ve not done much. Regular readers will have spotted I’ve barely updated this blog at all this month; my fiction has been similarly lacking. My excuse, in part, has been the crochet projects I’ve been making for Christmas presents (and there are still two left to complete), but it’s time to bring balance to my hobbies and let writing get a look in once more.

I have managed a few hundred words of a short story in the last week, focusing on one of the characters from the novel, but that’s been slow going. I want to finish it before the end of the year.

My tinternet friend Phil, a regular poster over on Mythic Scribes, has decided to set himself a challenge: Phil’s All Day Writing Challenge.  And I’m liking that idea. So tomorrow I’m going to have a go at it. After breakfast, I will mirror Phil’s plans of 20 minute sessions separated by 5 minute breaks, with a 20 minute break after four sessions. I’ll have an hour break after the second block of four sessions, for lunch, then do a third and final block. This should total four hours of writing time.

Do I have enough to fill four hours? Why yes, of course! I can:

  • Finish the short centred around Laik from the NaNo novel
  • Write another short focused on other characters from the novel
  • Flesh out the novel in note form
  • Look for prompts online for short story ideas and write whatever comes from that.

So that’s what I’ll do tomorrow, and I’ll report results a day from now.

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