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My NaNoWriMo: the setting

In my previous post, I explained where the story I’ll be writing for this year’s NaNoWriMo came from. In this post (written a bit later than planned due to real life getting in the way), I’ll tell you about the setting and background to my story, and where the elements of it came from.

For the purposes of the core theme – determining what constitues justice in a society which doesn’t have clear fixed legal or judicial systems in place – I knew I needed a society that was recently disrupted and was either ignorant of previous judicial systems or had chosen to reject those they were familiar with. I wanted a certain degree of isolation to give my characters the opportunity to work things out for themselves rather than have a system to adopt – or a potential neighbour to invade them. So my main setting is an island penal colony, where most of the inhabitants are convicts; the isolation comes from a magical plague that saw the governor and his staff flee the island and put it under quarantine to prevent spread of the plague.

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