One year of blogging

So I’ve been blogging for a year now. Cool! I’ve made it thorugh 365 days with, um, semi-regular updates, a fair few reviews, some thoughts, some fiction, and my struggles with writing. Yay!

How has it gone? Here’s what I think:

I’ve perhaps given too great a focus to the blog and not enough to producing some fiction, though at the same time I have used this blog to motivate myself to write – with the One Hour Stories and more recently with my NaNo warm up challenge.  That challenge didn’t go so well at first, with a couple of false starts I wasn’t happy with and then a few days of not writing, but I have started working harder on it so might yet complete it before November. I don’t want the blog to be detrimental to my writing – an accusation I have heard levelled at blogging in general.

Reviews haven’t always gone quite the way I wanted. Too many times I’ve agreed to review a book and later gone back to the author to say I can’t finish their book. I’ll recify that by being sure to read the sample before agreeing to review. I would like to read more fiction with female protagonists, though – it’s not something I see often in what has been requested. So if you’ve written something with a female protagonist, let me know! I might be interested in reviewing it.

The more I know about blogging, and the more I know about writing, the less qualified I feel to give the kind of advice I was happily handing out earlier in the year. I stand by what I said about prologues, but that wasn’t so much advice as a critiques of literary device I find rather annoying. For now I’ll focus on exploring ideas I come across in writing rather than giving straight up advice. There’s certainly plenty enough in the writing world I am still undecided on, so I’m sure I can think of something to say.

In general, though, I want to use this blog to express and explore ideas on writing; to motivate myself to write; to share my thoughts on books, TV shows and movies in the fantasy genre; and to continue to connect with other writers.

In the coming year I want to worry less about my blog’s statistics and more about what the blog can do for me as I continue to write for it. That might mean the odd period without any posts over a week or more, and during November it could be me splurging thoughts and feelings on my NaNo novel, or my guilt at not having written.

In the run-up to NaNoWriMo, I’m going to try to blog daily, looking at the characters and setting of my NaNo novel. Those posts will help me establish things in my mind relating to the story, and also force me at last to find names for the characters, as well as keeping my passion up for the novel in the run-up to November.

If you, dear reader, have made it this far through my unstructured thoughts and hopes, please let me know how you think my blog has been going. Is there something you’d like to see me discuss or review? What have you enjoyed reading the most?

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