The Lack of a One Hour Story 7

Okay, I failed today. The combination of chores, the need to pop to town for more milk, and cooking meant I didn’t start dinner til 9, when I should have started writing. After that, I couldn’t get started. Just stared at a blank page until I got bored and found myself on Reddit again somehow. So no one hour story today. But six days out of seven aint bad, and I did say the other day that daily writing aint all that.

I did make some notes earlier on about the pilgrimage story. Worked out what I want from it, did a little guesswork. I think it’ll end up at about 9-12k words. I definitely like what I’m planning with it, so I’ll see how things go.

But if I needed another argument in support of my stance on daily writing, here’s one: fatigue. Sometimes you can’t just keep pushing, sometimes you need a break.

I’m going to bed.

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