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One Hour Story 6

After seeking inspiration from the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I watched this evening (Storyteller, season 7 episode 16; my favourite), I decided to return to Saturday’s attempt and keep going from there. I had a few ideas about it today and I want to develop it into a complete story. So here’s the next part of it:


My occasional questions throughout the day merited blunt responses or none at all, and I learned little of these brothers but that they weren’t too fond of conversing with strangers, even (if I do say so myself) attractive young ladies. They didn’t even respond to small talk. Now that’s a sign of someone hiding something if every I saw it.

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On Writing Every Day

One piece of advice that gets thrown around a lot is this:

Write every day.

I’ve tried that. A lot of people have, I suspect. And yet I don’t write daily. Sure, I have done this last week as I’ve been taking part in the One Hour Story challenge, but that’s been a short run, just seven days of which two remain. Most of the time, my writing comes in fits and bursts, a thousand words here, a couple of hundred there, the odd day with several thousand words, several days with none and a few where a sentence is all I can manage.

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