Daily Archives: 28 July, 2013

One hour story 5

I didn’t take as long to write this one as previously. I decided I needed to shrink my scope and try and think of something I could actually finish in the hour I’ve got. The effect was that I finished early. I don’t think it’s quite where I wanted it but it isn’t bad for what it is.

Inspiration for this story came from several sources. Today I recieved the new album by Shropshire folk band Whalebone, Runes, which is awesome, and it was as I was listening to the third track, Entangled, that I got the mood of the piece. Also recently I have finally watched Game of Thrones (never did get into the books, despite several attempts) and found myself rather liking the complexity of the character Jaime Lannister, aka the Kingslayer, who killed the mad old king in the wars 17 years before the events of Game of Thrones, saving lives, but is disliked because he broke oaths to the king and literally stabbed the mad old bastard in the back. Finally, I wanted to ask a question and then answer it with this story.

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