Daily Archives: 26 July, 2013

One Hour Story 3

Today I struggled, and what follows is actually half an hour of writing, not a whole hour; I abandoned my first attempt, which is appropriate given today’s inspiration is the abandoned signs of civilisation posted to Reddit’s Abandonedporn sub. So I ran out of time a bit, but I think I got what I wanted across. Not so sure about the tense. Feedback welcome.


I am an archivist. A royal archivist, and I was always very proud of that. I knew the books well, their contents, their authors, where they came from, where they belonged on the shelves and what spine they had. I’d read them all. But the archives and the palace burned, the city fell, and now I seek other works; a new archive to curate, a new king worthy of the title, one who understands the value of heritage and preserving the knowledge and memories of the ancients.

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