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One Hour Story 1

So here’s my first one hour story. The prompt was the lyrics I’ve had in my head all day: “backyard skulls, not deep enough to never be found” from Backyard Skulls by Frightened Rabbit, and it was also inspired by yesterday morning’s storm that had me driving through water several inches deep on my way to work and on bone-dry roads on the way home.

Not too sure about the story; I felt happy with the narrative voice at first but once I got into the dialogue I sort of forgot about everything else. Ends too abruptly, but I ran out of time. Not fantasy either, I was sort of expecting fantasy to come out because that’s what I always write. Oh well. Here it is:

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Trying something new

I’ve been in a rut recently. I said I’d try to write 40,000 words this month for Camp NaNoWriMo and I only lasted a few days, and a little over 6,000 words. Before that I kept having ideas but never got far in writing them.  Whatever I’ve tried hasn’t worked. I suspect it’s a confidence issue; I never wrote so much as when I believed in myself and my story, and at the moment, frankly, I don’t. I tell myself that what I write, as a first draft, doesn’t need to be good, but I know that’s a tacit acceptance that it isn’t good.

And I’ve neglected this blog too – infrequent posts, no advice (since I don’t feel qualified to give any) and I’ve been checking my stats less too.

So I’m trying something new, again. It’s less ambitious than other attempt to stimulate my writing. It is simply this: the one-hour story.

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