King of Thorns Giveaway winners

Last week I posted the Giveaway for a signed paperback of King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. Now it’s time to announce the winner. There have been some brilliant responses, and I recommend you go and check them out in the comments.

The suggestions included towers that reach high into the sky, strange architecture and scientific marvels – exactly the sort of stuff that would inspire wonder and confusion in people who don’t understand our own world.

I have picked the winners – a very difficult task. So, without further ado…

The second place winner, winning the ebook edition I’ve pledged is satsumajoey, who suggested the Atomium in Brussels.

And the first place winner, suggesting the London Eye, is josephcinek.

Congratulations to both of you. Please email me at, and reply to this post to let me know you’ve sent them, and we can sort out your prizes.

Well done to everyone who has entered and thanks for popping by my blog. If you want to keep up with Mark’s books, check out his blog.

1 thought on “King of Thorns Giveaway winners

  1. Thank you so much for running this giveaway, Alice! I’m very glad that Mark Lawrence’s tweet lead me to this wonderful blog. I’ve sent you a private email through my gmail account.

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