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Camp NaNoWriMo and Why I’ve Decided to Try It

You might have noticed that I don’t normally talk about myself or what I’m writing on this blog. There are a lot of reasons for that, not least of which being I don’t think I’m that interesting or that anyone but me will have an interest in what I’m writing. What I tend to want to do with posts is be inclusive and open – looking at things that interest a lot of people, me included.

But part of it is that I’d feel accountable, as if by putting down my thoughts about my own writing, or revealing details about it, will mean there is an expectation that what I’m talking about is a long-term thing, that the story I’m writing will be completed and will be published and under no circumstances can be scrapped, and I’ve not felt able to make a commitment on that in a while.

I’ve decided, though, that it’s time for that to change, and Camp NaNoWriMo is going to be part of that.

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Announcement: Worldbuilding Article published on Mythic Scribes

I have written another article for the Mythic Scribes front page, called Adding Depth to a Fantasy World. It’s about considering different aspects of worldbuilding beyond the standard framework topics like magic systems, maps and politics, and looking at the kinds of details that bring a world to life.


King of Thorns Giveaway winners

Last week I posted the Giveaway for a signed paperback of King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. Now it’s time to announce the winner. There have been some brilliant responses, and I recommend you go and check them out in the comments.

The suggestions included towers that reach high into the sky, strange architecture and scientific marvels – exactly the sort of stuff that would inspire wonder and confusion in people who don’t understand our own world.

I have picked the winners – a very difficult task. So, without further ado…

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Announcement: Guest post at

I have written a guest blog post for Brian Foster called Lessons from Handwriting a Final Draft which he has posted on his blog. Pop over and take a look. Also check out Brian’s other posts, he has plenty of interesting stuff to say about writing.

P.S. Don’t forget my contest to win a signed copy of Mark Lawrence’s King of Thorns, with second prize of the ebook. Enter before Friday for a chance to win. There aren’t many entries yet so you’ve got a good chance!

Some cool fantasy themed videos from the Internet

There’s some really cool fantasy-themed things people have done amazing things with and uploaded to Youtube, so since I’ve not been hugely active in the last few weeks – thanks to a week in France and some long days at work recently – I thought I’d post a few to fill the gap until I can get some other content together. So, in no particular order, here are a few of my favourites:

Skyrim – Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

Lindsey Stirling has some great fantasy-themed videos with beautifully-played music, cool costumes and breathtaking landscapes – not to mention some energetic poses – but I think this one if my favourite because there’s a bit of a story to it, the costumes are just way awesome, and I just generally love the Skyrim theme music.

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Giveaway: King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

A few weeks ago I reviewed King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence and gave it a 9/10 (and I also reviewed the first book in the Broken Empire series, Prince of Thorns, and gave it 9/10). Well guess what? Mark has offered up some signed paperbacks of King of Thorns for bloggers to give away. Isn’t that awesome?

NOTE 15 June 2013: This contest is now closed.

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Review: 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better and Writing More of What you Love, by Rachel Aaron

After reading Rachel Aaron’s much-shared blog post about how she increased her daily word output, I decided to buy her book on the same topic, which, she claims, “combines several writing posts from my blog, cleaned up and expanded, with all new content, and all for under a buck.” 2k to 10k begins with the original blog post from Aaron’s blog, Pretentious Title, and includes several other chapters similarly based around her blog posts, such as Editing for People Who Hate Editing.

The book is full of good advice. It seems aimed at the intermediate writer – the writer who is, perhaps, not yet published but has a fair few thousand words under their belt. The blog posts chosen for inclusion in the book suit this target audience. Aaron’s tone is friendly and helpful – reflective of the original blog format, but equally appropriate in the book version.

2k to 10k

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