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Review: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

I have been aware of Brandon Sanderson for a couple of years. I’ve seen his books on the shelves, read his name mentioned in forum posts, even watched his lectures on Youtube. But it has taken until now for me to read him. I can cite a number of excuses – I have been reading mostly history and historical fiction in the last three years, understandably given that for four years ending in September 2011 I was studying ancient history at university.

As well as being the book’s title, Elantris is the name of a once beautiful city, home to astounding magic and godlike people, who a decade before the events of the story became cursed, the people left corpse-like but undying and the magic cut off.

The story follows Reoden, prince of Arelon, the new kingdom outside of Elantris’ walls who is claimed by the curse and finds himself inside the city; Serene, princess of a neighbouring kingdom arrived to marry him, only to be told he had died; and Hrathen, a high level priest sent to convert the people of Arelon to his own warlike religion and prevent Arelon instead being invaded.

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