Daily Archives: 7 January, 2013

Planning or procrastinating?

There comes a point, it suddenly seems evident to me, that the line is crossed – these notes I am writing are no longer planning notes, but procrastinating notes. They are a means for me to say “I am writing” without actually writing. They are rehashing, adding depth to the world I am creating when the layers are already there.

I am planning a story at the moment. It is not a complex story and I don’t expect it to be a long one. But during this whole planning process only the first week was really productive. The second week has been window dressing. In the first week I created a character, I gave her motivations and a personality, flaws which are human and normal and quite possibly at the core of quite a lot of decisions made my people the world over. I created a world for her to live in, a unique town for her to live and run a business in and a city far away for her to journey to in search of her long lost daughter.

In the second week mostly what I created was fluff. A history for this city she travels to, and as a consequence a landmark along the way. The culture’s attitude to death and the soul and how this impacts on one very small part of the quest. A superfluous plot outline that fails to cover the ending.

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